It took an extra day but yesterday we finally got our phone, internet and cable connected. Yay!

We were originally supposed to have everything connected on Thursday. We had set it up. The cable company is kind enough to give you a block of time, say between 11-2, for when they'll show up rather than some places that tell you they will be showing up any time between 7am and 8pm (I'm serious, a company told me that once).

The guy showed up around noon. I was just about buzzing with the thought having internet. A local phone number wouldn't hurt either as I had been running up charges on my Montreal cell phone and couldn't change it to a local number because it was the contact number that the cable company had to contact us.

The guy got here, took a look around and then deemed he couldn't do anything because he needed to see the connection in the basement, which is in part of the basement that we don't have access to - aka the downstairs neighbour's apartment. So the guy left telling us we'd have to reschedule for when we had access.

Colour me not impressed.

So we dutifully contacted the landlord who gave us Downstairs Neighbour's (DN) phone number. We opted instead to leave a note on his door explaining the situation and just about begging for access (I have no shame when it comes to my internet access). He reciprocated with a note the next morning saying he'd be home by 5. So that just left us calling the cable company and begging for a same-day appointment around 5pm. Miracle of miracles we got one. We were booked for an appointment between 2-5pm and the customer service agent said she'd tell them to try to make it as close to 5 as possible. And a quick call to DN had him saying he'd be home a bit before 5.

So the cable guy dutifully showed up around 5. He took a look around and said he needed to see the connection in the basement.

He was showed the connection in the basement.

He did nothing with the connection in the basement.

Yes, thats right. The connection in the basement? Useless for us. It's only some sort of connector/splitter thing (I didn't see it myself). So after all of that it was not needed.

I'm so very happy that installation with this company is free.

So in the end we got our cable, phone and internet. And we proceeded to enjoy the cable last night by watching M*A*S*H on AMC.