On the way out of Ottawa yesterday we stopped off at an East Side Mario's for a late lunch. I didn't want greasy fast food and it was a good fast compromise.

The waiter almost ended up wearing my fork as an earring.

I ordered a small pasta, which comes with garlic bread. The boy ordered a soup, salad and 1/2 sandwich. His salad and my bread arrived at the same time. I ate my bread, he ate his salad. Then Waiter Dude came by to clear his salad said, "You should keep your fork in case you need to help her out."

That made me grumbly but whatever. I had never been there before so maybe even their small pastas are huge.

Our food arrives. We eat. The boy finished first as usual. Waiter Dude came to clear away and I wasn't quite done but was still eating. Apparently by that point it should have been too much for my girlie stomach because he made a comment about how I was "still going."

My inside voice* said, "Yeah buddy, you should know. Doesn't look like you don't finish too many meals. Also, he doesn't need to keep his fork. I have a few suggestions about where you can shove that fork and save it for later since you seem to be so concerned about it."

Throwing gender stereotypes my way along the lines of "girls can't/shouldn't eat" is not a good idea. If you were a dining companion you'd have been wearing your food. Yes, I'm moving, I'm hungry and you don't want to mess with me because I'm tired, cranky and running on low energy fuels. But they aren't so low that I don't have enough energy to tear you a new one and trust me, I WILL. (Even if you aren't within earshot at the time.)

*Inside voice means it was not expressed in the restaurant but may have been vocally expressed once we were inside the truck.