Two More Sleeps

Four Three Two more sleeps until the official moving day (I started writing this yesterday...yeah...that didn't happen) (also apparently I cannot count). I'm tired of moving days. I could stand to go awhile without another moving day.

Even though we've hired movers for the big stuff we've been ferrying stuff back and forth and cleaning the new place. Trust me, the new place needed cleaning. It's one of those deceptive rentals. At first it looks just fine but when you look closer at it you notice the dust and the grime and well, ew. I'll put it this way - a couple of weeks ago I spent 4 hours cleaning the kitchen cupboards. That's it. Just the cupboards. Not the floor, fridge, stove or anything else. The boy cleaned the fridge and stove on Friday - that only took another 3 hours. Grime, grime, grime.

One thing that I conveniently forget (every year) is how bloody exhausting moving is. The cleaning, the packing, the organizing, the cleaning, the stress, and did I mention the cleaning? Even the cleaning in my current apartment is bad. Since we knew we were moving soon we haven't exactly been keeping on top of oh...dusting? You don't want to know how much dust I found in the bedroom.

Off to Ottawa for a few hours today (moving stuff we don't want the movers to move). In Montreal all day tomorrow. Then the movers are showing up bright and early at 8:30am on Wednesday. Oh, and also on Wednesday I get to take part in that lovely event (it should be an Olympic competition) called Giving The Cat A Pill. Note to self: don't pack all the cheese.

I can't even begin to list all the things I want to be doing right now. But you can bet your bottom dollar that none of them are moving related.