Good news, bad news

Good news: Ottawa apartment has been secured!
Bad news: Paying double rent for June
Good news: Should have been triple rent for June because in Ontariario landlords can, and do, ask for first and last months rent. Ours did not. That, my friends, is not only good news but nothing short of a miracle.
Good news: Movers are booked! I'm moving in 26 days.
Bad news: I'M MOVING IN 26 DAYS! TO ANOTHER CITY! And I have to clean both apartments! And pack! And OMG I need boxes!
Good news: For today I'm going to ignore this by going to see Ironman this afternoon and then come home and make this and then this and watch West Wing and Rome on DVD.

Avoidance and procrastination = the key to maintaining my sanity this month. And bean dip never hurts.