So What Do You Do All Day?

Seeing as I'm currently unemployed, as is the person I live with, the question of what we do all day sometimes comes up in conversation. The short answer is not much. We read blogs, books, watch tv, apply for jobs, pack, etc. I knit.

But sometimes we venture into the great outdoors. Usually to go grocery shopping. Or wander through Chinatown. Or explore shops along The Main.

Or sometimes we take refuge on the mountain. Which is what we did yesterday.

We walked to Beaver Lake.

Saw the fishies in Beaver Lake.

Went up to the lookout.

Then walked back through a wooded path instead of one of the main paths.

And then when I got home these were waiting for me.

Piper liked them too.

And then we sat and watched a big chunk of the last season of the West Wing on DVD.