Decisions Decisions

Since moving = packing I have some decisions to make. Like what books NOT to pack. I've made this decision slightly easier than normal due to having already packed all the hardcover books. So it's just the paperbacks left. But even within those I have some great choices.

I have some unread Georgette Heyer's. I could finally try to tackle Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell. I have some YA that hasn't been read yet. Some good non-fiction titles like The End of Food, Women of the Raj, Shake Hands with the Devil, The Mystery of Olga Checkov... I have 14 Viragos (that I need to blog about at some point...). I have some Penguin Classics.

Things to take into consideration include the fact that I'll be making several trips between Ottawa and Montreal over the next couple of weeks. That's over 2 hours in the car each way. I'm also going to the cottage for a weekend which means almost endless reading time (cottage time is eating, reading and sleeping time). And I need books around so that I can procrastinate when I should be packing.

Of course, I also actually have to pack too which, unfortunately, cuts into potential reading time.

The last time I moved I ended up buying a mass market paperback from a corner store because I had run out of things to read.

Decisions. Decisions.