Next time I'm demanding kneepads

It is a fairly commonly known fact that as a housekeeper I suck. I don't leave dirty dishes lying around and there's no food rotting under the couch. On occasion one might find something questionable in the refrigerator, things that around where we refer to as "science experiments". (Anyone else remember the teen lit book about the friends that grew a mold and kept it alive for the school year? They gave it a name although I can't remember what it was...)

There are many reasons why I dislike cleaning. I have sensitive skin and cleaners can make me rashy. As can soaking my hands in water too frequently. In my pre-dishwasher days I actually had to wear rubber gloves when doing dishes - doctor's orders. The fumes from cleaners can cause breathing issues (not the scents so much as the other odors they give off). And in the past 5 years I developed quite the dust allergy, which would cause one to think that it would make me dust more often as to cut down on the overall amount of dust in my apartment at any time. One would be wrong. Plus I'm just lazy and there are better things to do than to sweep under my bed, like sit on it and read. Besides, Piper goes a pretty good job of keeping underneath the bed from getting too dust when she hides under there from the garbage and recycling trucks two times a week.

But when I do clean, I clean. And when I move into a new place I really clean. My own dirt and dust? Not so bad. Strangers dirt and dust? Completely skeevy. And as you know I'm moving into a new place (T minus 16 days and counting).

We had to make a last minute trip into Ottawa this weekend because the boy had some things to do. So I went to the apartment. And started cleaning the kitchen. Four hours later I had cleaned all the cupboards and drawers - possibly for the first time since they had been constructed. No. Seriously. There were still pencil marks on them from when they were being assembled. As well as various dirt and grease stains. It was quite disgusting.

And it involved me getting down on my hands and knees and scrubbing.

You need to realize that I'm a bony. And pointy. And being on my knees and scrubbing = pain.Pain that is sticking around several days later. Bony knees + ceramic floors = BAD.

The kitchen cupboards, however, are sparkling clean. But next time? I want kneepads.