Things I Learned From Knitting

Things I Learned From Knitting...whether I wanted to or not is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's (bloggers might know her better as the Yarn Harlot) latest collection of knitting anecdotes.

In this collection she talks about the many, many things that knitting has, and continues, to teach her. Things like patience. And that beginning is fun but continuing sucks (ok...I might be paraphrasing a wee bit).

What have I learned from knitting? I'm more of a perfectionist than I thought I was and it really bugs me when I do things wrong and/or things just plain don't turn out right. But I also love it when I have a finished object. Oh, and turning a heel (which Pearl taught me in another book) makes me feel like a freaking genius.

What have I learned from Pearl (aside from how to make socks)? I NEVER, EVER want to knit kilt hose.