I want to like spring

I really do. Especially since the snow is disappearing. However for the past 10 years Spring is an iffy time for me because I frequently don't feel well.

I get headaches. Sometimes migraines. Sometimes just damn bad headaches. And they suck. But what sucks even more is I get what I call "headache hangovers". The morning after a headachey day I'll wake up. At first I feel fantastic and then 10 minutes later? Queasy. Queasy, queasy, I need to lie down before I throw up queasy.

This was particularly bad before I made the connection I used to bound out bed, hop into the shower and, without fail, by the time I had shampoo in my hair I'd have the dry heaves and would have to run and lie down. With the shampoo still in my hair. Good times eh?

And it happens in Autumn too. Lucky me!!!

If I can remember to rest in bed for 10-15 minutes after I wake up and get up very slowly and gradually I'm usually ok. But on days when I can't? Ginger pills are my friend. So are naps (if I can get them). If I don't have to worry about being drowsy there's always Gravol.

I've talked to my (former, sob! I miss her) doctor about and she suspects it's something "environmental" but we have no sweet clue what.

But it's official. It's spring. I know because I'm queasy.