Hi! I joined the gym!

Yes! Again! Why?

Because I'm out of shape and my shape is changing and I sit around on my ass and do nothing all day because I'm unemployed and lazy. Not to mention a wee bit broke. And there's a gym in my building. Yes, all this time there's been a gym in my building. I really should have started this months ago, like when I was so stressed I couldn't sleep, but oh well, what you going to do about it? And holy crap am I out of shape (of course that would suggest that I ever was IN shape which would really be a lie...).

What I like about it is that most of the time I'm the only one there so I don't feel the slightest bit self-conscious about making funny faces or about struggling with even the smallest of weights (I am such a weakling). Or about that fact that 5 minutes on the treadmill, elliptical, or bike turns me into a sweaty red-faced mess and makes my legs quiver.

A bit part of my problem with gyms is that I'm a pussy and I don't like it when things get tough and I hate slogging through things and feeling/looking like I'm struggling. Because at heart I really am a perfectionist.

So my new strategy is to pretend that Paul Plakas is yelling at me. Unfortunately since I'm only pretending I can't yell back. Well...I could but with my luck that would be the time that someone walked by the gym and decided that I was looney.

Bonus - I found an exercise routine that my former landlord (a personal trainer) made for me and I'm using that to get going. And right now my arms are goo cause hello? I am a weakling. But some day I will have kick ass arms like Deb Roby. Or maybe I'll run like Karen Sugarpants. Or maybe I'll do pushups like Zandria. Right now I'll settle for not dying when I walk up the hill.

Or at the gym.