Stain Removal

So the guy goes away for a few days and what do I do? I do hand washing and experiment with stain removal techniques. And scrub a layer or two a skin off two of my fingers. But I have clean clothes and removed some pit stains.

I hate pit stains. I don't particularly like talking about them either but hey, I need to share the knowledge right? (I will be phoning my mother at some point to share it with her as well). And I really hate it when pit stains attack one of my favourite summer shirts (it is the most comfortable shirt I have). Everyone has their own tricks (many of which seem to involve Oxyclean...). I've tried the peroxide thing. It helped. I tried the vinegar thing. It didn't seem to make a big difference. But yesterday there was magic! What worked? A combination of baking soda and dish soap. I just mixed the two of them together to form a paste (no there's no measuring) and then worked the paste into the shirts which had been rinsed in warm water first. Then I let them sit for an hour or two (it was only supposed to be an hour but I kinda lost track of time) and presto stains gone and/or seriously faded.

You might want to open a window a crack or keep the fan running as the combination of baking soda and dish soap causing some sort of reaction that makes it smell like ammonia (in my case due the dish soap I was using - ammonia with an undertone of lavender...). But it worked on my favourite shirt and did not fade the colours on it either.

And that concludes my PSA on stain removal.

(Do I know how to live it up or what? sigh).