The Omnivore's Dilemma - Finally finished!!!

It took me almost four months to read Micheal Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma. It was not a bad book by any means - I just read it in fits and starts. I was on a really good role at one point but then I went away for five days and my momentum crashed.

I feel like I'm just about the last person to read this book. Even before I started it was seeing posts where people said they thought that they were the last person to read it. I really thought that all the fuss was just that - fuss. But it's really a well written book with lots of insight into the food system and how we eat and why we eat the way we do.

And it's occasionally laugh out loud funny. I think that was the most surprising thing about this book - the funny. You'll be reading a perfectly serious paragraph about the history of corn and then an intentionally funny sentence will come up and slap you across the face.

And there may have been points where I found interesting tidbits of information and had to read them out loud to someone. Yes. I was that annoying person. (The person I kept reading this tidbits to has now decided they need to read the book...and I don't think it was just to shut me up...)

I will admit that I found the first few chapters of the book a bit hard to get into. The first part of the book is about corn - the history of corn, how we grow corn, how we process corn, how corn is in almost everything we eat... I've read that other people also found the first 40 or so pages a bit hard to really get into. I don't think it's the book's fault though. I think it's us. I think the point where the book gets good is the point where you stop saying "Am I seriously reading to about corn???" and where you start saying, "Ok! I'm reading about corn." And you know what? Pollan makes corn interesting. Pollan makes his journey through food interesting. And at some point you'll be wanting to head to the kitchen or local farmer's market yourself.