The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop

I've been wanting to read Lewis Buzbee's The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop since before it was published. But my old library didn't seem to have it. And somehow I never got around to buying it. I just read all the posts written by bloggers who had read it jealously. And then when I was going through my list of books I wanted to read and cross-checking it against the new library I was happy to see they had it.

Was it everything I hoped it would be? Yes and no. It was more history and less memoir than I was expected. It was interesting. And while it wasn't quite what I was expecting it was interesting. There were some fun tidbits of book history and trivia. And it started a couple of conversations about books around this apartment.

A couple of quotes that I liked.
"Books, I knew then and now, give body to our ideas and imaginations, make them flesh in the world; a bookstore is the city where our fleshed-out inner selves reside." p 19

"A great book will never go out of style - book go with every outfit." p 133

It was an enjoyable read but not one that I think it going to sit with me for very long.