Sorry Earth Day

I really meant to write an Earth Day post. I swear it. But it go sidelined in the quake of excess crankiness.

Want to know what I did on Earth Day? Pretty much the same thing I do every other day.

We went shopping for groceries. We walked, not taking a car (which we do not have in the city at the moment) or public transit. We took canvas bags with us although unfortunately not enough and still had to use one plastic bag.

I bought a SIGG water bottle, purchased at the local Roots which has less selection but that way I didn't have to have it shipped to me directly (if anyone is thinking of doing this go between the 24-27th of April when Roots is having their Customer Appreciation Day). Why Sigg? Because it's reusable and unlike my Nalgene doesn't put nasty crap into my body. At least supposedly...remember when we were told that Nalgene's were the good plastic? sigh.

Of course now I'm stuck trying to figure out what to do with my Nalgene aside from toss it in the trash. Any suggestions?