I am in love

With a pair of socks.

This is the thing - I haven't even finished knitting one pair of socks (I'm one the foot of the second sock now).  And to be honest, they are kinda crappy socks mostly because I knit them with very unforgiving and TIGHT cotton yarn. And the socks that I'm in love with - they are um...a wee bit complex. But they are so purty.

I, of course, found the pattern by following the bloggy breadcrumbs. I was reading The Seated View and then went to Bowerbird Knits to see a better picture of the pattern. It's called Francie after the character in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

The problem? "These socks were designed with an adventurous knitter in mind."

I'm so not an adventurous knitter. I'm really not. Plus see the above about how I have yet to finish an actual pair of socks.

That being said I'm about 3 seconds away from buying the pattern because I LOVE THOSE SOCKS.

This can only end in tears...and wine.