I think it's a conspiracy

It's all Mir's fault. She posted about whether or not you should sneak food into the movies if the theater has a rule against it . It seems it's a bit of a debate in her household at the moment.

I used to sneak food into the theaters all the time. We used to go to the pharmacy or dollar store and stock up on candy for $1 instead of paying $4 for the exact same thing at the theater. Unless I want popcorn and then I buy it there. I've never had my bags searched except the time I went to the media screening of Fellowship of the Ring (it was 10 days before the release date) and the only thing they found in my bag was a box of Kleenex and some cough drops (I had a cold and they were really only searching for recording equipment but they did give me a weird look about the Kleenex).

It got me to thinking...is there really a rule about outside food? Or do they just want us to think there is? Now, I'm not suggesting we walk in a Domino's pizza but is there an actual rule against me taking in my own Mike & Ike's or Fuzzy Peaches?

We've checked the Cineplex website and our movie tickets from the other night and we can't find anything that says we can't.

Also, one would think that movie theaters get a bulk purchasing deal on candy so why the heck does it cost $4 for a $1 chocolate bar?

What say you?