I hate doing dishes. Really, I do. Just ask my mother. So when I heard about Pete Jordan's Dishwasher: one man's quest to wash dishes in all fifty states I had to read it to find out who this crazy person was.

Pete didn't really have much ambition as a teen. He pretty much wanted to work as little as possible and get paid for it. Apparently washing dishes qualifies. I'm not entirely sure I understand that because as much as he wrote about how he slacked it also sounds like he worked his ass off by times. He worked in diners, at summer camps, on communes, an oil rig... He was rather diverse in his dishwashing gigs.

The book is an interesting look at a job most of us would hate to do. And it will probably make you appreciate the dishwashers a bit more (although the conditions of some of the kitchens in the book might make you never want to eat out ever again).

But I still think he's nuts. Dishes suck.