Things I've done while unemployed

In no particular order:

  • Almost knit a sock

  • Found my desk under a pile of clutter

  • Started eating on a fairly regular schedule

  • Slept

  • Slept some more

  • Watched more of the Food Network than a sane person should

  • Slept some more

  • Bought books that I said I shouldn't buy

  •  Ate a lot of Jelly Bellies (hmmm should I have some now?)

  • Disassembled much of my office

  • Joined the building gym (although I haven't gone yet...just got the key on Friday)

  • Watched some more Food Network

  • Found dust bunnies the size of jackalopes hiding under furniture

  • Did not read nearly as many books as I thought I would

But that last one is ok because I still have lots of time to read.