Multiple posts in one!

I suck. I haven't gotten around to reviewing things like I should so here's a bunch in one.

  • Rock my World by Liza Conrad - Surprisingly good. I had very low expectations reading it. It was a bargain bin impulse buy and I had pretty low expectations. Livy James is the daughter of a famous punk rock star. He, of course, is plagued by a drinking addiction (perhaps drugs as well, my brain is fuzzy), and his personal assistant has been just as much if not more than a father figure to her than her actual father. For her mother, taking care of Livy's dad is a full time job. And of course, there was a big falling out between her dad and his best friend, who was in the band (of course, again) and the band dissolved. But now they are doing a reunion tour! And Livy is writing about it for a music magazine. Along the way she struggles to understand what happened to the band, and her family, that night so many years ago. And maybe she'll break her hard fast rule about dating musicians as one of the guys in opening band seems very interesting. Somehow avoids the "poor little rich girl" thing.

  • Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore - It's Christopher Moore. Do I really need to say more than that? Read a chunk of it in the airport and on airplanes. Good travel read. As it was his first book I frequently wondered how on earth he pitched it...

  • Thousand Days in Venice by Marlena Di Blasi - A bit of a disappointment sadly. It had been on my list for awhile and I actually bought it in and started to read it in Venice. I wasn't blown away though. In fact, I was so underwhelmed that I took the rest of the her books off my wish list.

  • Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult - I don't think Picoult could ever be bad. My only concern is that this is only the second of her books that I've read and I'm a bit worried they are a bit predictable. I bought it at the airport in Paris when my flight home was delayed by three hours and it kept me entertained during the flight back home.

  • Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr - Really good faerie book! It's as good as everyone said it was. My only teeny tiny criticism is that it felt like the last third book of the book was a bit rushed. I got the feeling that the early drafts were a lot longer and she had to shorten it while keeping all the "big" stuff. I'm looking forward to Ink Exchange.