Pants on Fire

You know, I think I've moved past Meg Cabot's YA books. Mostly. I'd still like to read the last few Princess Diary books (I stopped reading them around book 6 or so...) and I really liked the All American Girl books. And I'm working my way through the Mediator series. And I really want to read the 1-800-Where-R-you books. But aside from ;)

I just really haven't liked her last few books all that much. I guess more correctly I didn't really like the main characters all that much. Jinx was ok, although maybe only because I listened to it on audio.

I did not like Katie, the main character of Pants on Fire. I can't really decide why it was that I didn't like her. Yes, she was silly. Yes, she was a liar that was cheating on her boyfriend(s). But neither one of those things really made her unlikeable.

I think my issue with this book is that we're supposed to believe that this girl changed so much in about a week. I've just started to find the time period of some of these books a bit unbelievable. Yep, when you are a teenage it does feel like every week is dramatic but the really good YA books show significant changes like Katie's (if deciding to come clean is really that dramatic of a change) happening over a longer period.

I know there's been some criticisms of the Princess Diaries books because Mia doesn't seem to progress a lot in each book but as each book happens over the course of only a couple of weeks I actually buy the rate of growth. Much more so when someone does a 180 in a week.

I'm blabbing. But I think I'll be passing on any new Cabot YA books...unless of course I can get them from the library. ;)