Does not compute

Usually when there is a dip in the blogging frequency on this blog it means that I've been too lazy to update it and have a big backlog that is overwhelming me.

Not so lately. I really just have not been reading. Shocking isn't it?

It's funny what stress can do to your concentration. When I sit still and try to read I can't focus. And then I fall asleep. It's really not a productive way to read let me tell you.

But I have hope. Why? Well, I eliminated the main source of stress from my life. I resigned. It's verrrryyyy scary but also very right.

I've been off for almost a week now and what have I done? Um....sleep. Cook. Knit. That's about it. I haven't been reading. I'm still trying to get caught up on all your lovely blog posts (book bloggers really are prolific writers...).

I have a piles of books that are begging to be read.  And then I'll get back to writing about books like normal again. Woohoo!

But first I think I'm going to take a nap. ;)