I love these women

Dammit I love the women at BlogHer.com. Why? Because level-headed reasonable debates happen there and people actually freaking LISTEN to each other.

It is made of awesome.

So what is causing me to say this? This morning, Contributing Editor Shannon, aka rocksinmydryer, posted why she's pro-life.  And then this evening Contributing Editor Maria Niles posted why she's pro-choice. Maria didn't post to counter-attack Shannon's post, but because Blogher is a nonpartisan organization both sides of an argument are represented.

"I offer my perspective not as an invitation for anyone to attempt to change my mind - you will not succeed - but in hope that, along with Shannon's post explaining why she is pro-life, we can have a civil discussion that moves us to a point at which we can find some common ground."   - from Maria's pro-choice post

Has there been disagreement? Of course there has. But it's been in discussions, not attacks.

Has there been common ground? You bet ya. We might not all be pro-life or pro-choice but there really is common ground. I'll leave you to go find it for yourself though, because I'm like that.

I love that discussions like this can happen. I love that this discussion can happen - a discussion on a topic that is so very polarizing.

For the record - I've lived in a place where women CAN'T get abortions. No, it's not illegal to get them there's just no place TO get them. I've seen a lot of lives changed due to unplanned pregnancies and some were changed in ways that well, just weren't good for anyone involved. I don't need to and I may not agree with every choice that every woman makes about abortion but I never want to live in a place where women don't have that choice.