Award News

It looks like the Quill Awards have been suspended.

If it folds I can't say I'd really miss it. I never really got all that excited about them. Although I was more likely to have read a couple of books on the list than the Booker nominees. Or even the Gillers.

I don't think I ever really understood the purpose of the Quill Awards. I get that they were supposed to be "people's choice" but I never bothered to figure out how they came up with their nominees. I had the impression they were shiny but had no substance.

In other, more positive, awards news - I finally got around to checking out this year's nominations for the Charles Taylor Prize.  This is a prize that I discovered the first year I was in Toronto and the first year I had a book blog. I read all but one of the nominated books that year. The one I didn't read won. Of course. I really had no great interest in reading it at the time and I still don't. But the other books on the list? Most of them made my favourites that year.

This years nominees look good - Lost GeniusThe Film Club (homeschooler/unschoolers should take note of that one), From Harvey River, John A: The Man Who Made Us (Vol 1), Kasztner's Train... oh my poor groaning wish list. It's nice to see so many good books on the list this year as there were only three last year.  I won't be reading any of them soon and I certainly won't be reading any of them before the winner is announced on March 3.

Anyone following Canada Reads this year? I haven't read any of those books either.