The Santa Moment

I was flipping through my BlogHer feeds when I found this post - Yes, my niece is THAT kid. That kid being the one that told everyone else that Santa isn't real and parents actually brought all the presents.

I wonder how many remember the moment when they found that out? And how many figured it out on their own?

I remember the moment I found out. I was about four or five. My parents hadn't split up yet so Christmas was in the big house. Christmas back in those days was a large affair. My whole family (all seven of us kids and my mother and father), my grandparents, my aunt and uncle and their two kids. Yes, that would be fifteen people.

We had two family rooms in that house. There was the "main" one that housed the television and then there was the "back room" with it's ugly green carpet and wood paneled walls. Between the two of them was the staircase (which we never, ever surfed down...I swear). The back room normally housed the large 70s style stereo (you know the type, the longggggg one with the record player in it), the extra couches and the chest of legos. It was also where we put up the Christmas tree every year.

I was standing in front of those stairs with my back to the Christmas tree, showing off my Santa gift to my older cousin when she told me that Santa was not real. I remember having two thoughts. The first was that she was mean. The second was that it kind of made sense. After all, the only chimney we had in our house was the one attached to the wood stove that heated the place and well, I never did figure out how Santa was supposed to get through that and not burn to a crisp. She also told me that it was the same thing with the Easter Bunny.

But then she went on to tell me that I wasn't allowed to let my parents know that I knew because then I wouldn't get Santa gifts. Personally I think that she told me that so that I wouldn't get upset and she wouldn't get into trouble. I'm pretty sure that I told my parents anyway.

The thing that surprises me most about this whole memory is that it was my cousin that told me and not my older sister. I stole the baby status from her and she punished me for it for most of childhood. It totally would have been her style to tell me. The only explanation I can think of is that she was obviously bribed not to tell me.

Do you remember when you found/figure out about Santa?