Random Friday Thoughts

1. While I wholeheartedly approve of bluetooth headsets for drivers who want to talk and drive at the same time, I do not approve of people using them on public transit. It makes it too hard to pick out the crazies. You know, like the lady who once turned to me on a streetcar and told me that she was only talking to me because I wasn't actually there. These days I'd assume she's on the phone when she really was legitimately nutty.

2. I did not get that transported back to being a little girl while watching the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's version of The Nutcracker. I was too busy being boggled by the fact that the role of Clara appeared to change during the production. It's Short Clara! It's Tall Clara! It's Short Clara again! Wait Short Clara is one of the Snowflakes? Huh? Even worse, Tall Clara also did the dance the Sugar Plum Fairy. I don't think I need to point out exactly how wrong that is in its wrongness. (If I do, it's very, very wrong - so wrong I had to break out the italics.)

3. I recognized at least one of the dancers on stage from being in Ballet Girls documentary that aired a few years ago. There were a few others who might of been in the documentary but I'm not sure and I can't really check since we didn't get programs. They were apparently "stuck in traffic."

4. The NAC gets a fail whale for running out of the wine I wanted to order before intermission was even half over.

5. Next year we are going to Montreal to see Les Grands Ballet Canadiens' performance of The Nutcracker so that boy can see it performed properly. By that I mean with a Sugar Plum Fairy who is not also Clara and whose performance leaves you breathless. Our seats will probably not be as good because last night? Third row. The boy totally scored brownie points with that.

6. We put up a Christmas tree and did not even come close to killing each other. Additionally the cat has not (yet) climbed it. Christmas miracles abound.