Let it Snow

Ok, so I actually finished Let it Snow weeks ago. I've just been a bad/lazy/busy blogger. Rather appropriately I finished this while we were stuck in very slow traffic due to snow. (I'm very happy I had it with me as a 25 minute drive took 2 hours, ick.)

Three interconnected stories from three different authors. I've read both John Green and Maureen Johnson before but this was the first time I was reading anything by Lauren Myracle. I was kind of curious about these interconnecting stories would work. I've seen it done by the same author but never by differnt authors.

It worked. It worked very well.

Who knew that that the perfect collision of events for the holidays included a huge snow storm, a stuck train, a Waffle House, cheerleaders, Twister and a teacup pig? Green, Johnson and Myracle that's who.

Read it. Enjoy it. And if you're lucky enough to live near a Waffle House go for hashbrowns.