Sports fans can we chat?

I must confess I don't often attend sporting events. I'm just not a big sports girl. It probably has something to do with me having the coordination of a rock. I do like attending a good hockey game now and then and last night we went out to see the USA vs. Czech Republic. We scored good seats in the World Juniors Ticket Marketplace. As in 100 level row C kind of good seats. Pretty darned cheap too. (Between this and the big ass tv we bought in a boxing day sale I am scoring some major girlfriend brownie points this holiday, yes indeed.) One of the awesome things about these seats was seeing the little kids near us being really excited about being so close to the boards. We were behind the net, near the corner and let me tell you those boards *shake* when guys get plowed into them. And the kids loved it.

Which brings me to this, I realize that hockey games are fun events for grown up boys too. I do! Really! And that you like your grown up boy beverages. I was enjoying one myself. But keeping in mind that there are kids around do you really need to be douchebags? I mean, really?

So I get that you don't like Team USA and that you wanted the Czech's to win. Well, you didn't really want the Czech's to win as much as you wanted the USA to lose. But when two little boys are chanting "USA! USA!" three rows in front of you do you really need to scream out "SUCKS!"? Because when you did I saw the grins and excitement fall right off their innocent faces. You sir, are nothing but a bully. A mean schoolyard bully. And you should be ashamed of yourself. (Just as you really shouldn't be getting behind the wheel of your vehicle after consuming that many beers.)

And then there was your friend who was sitting two seats over from you. He made some lovely "your momma" jokes about how she "liked it in it, out of it, and on it". There was a kid sitting in front of him that was no more than nine years old. That's classy. Yessirree. Looking at his Team Canada jersey I can't tell how much national pride I was filled with. Not.

I'm not saying you need to sit there with a cup of tea and your pinky turned out while you mind your p's and q's. I'm just saying that perhaps you should take a look around you and realize where you are. Trash talk the goalie all you want. Boo if you feel the need (even though I personally find it tacky). Drink your beers, but may I suggest you bring a DD with you? But maybe lay off the bullying and the crudeness when surrounded by kids?

Just a thought.