Catch Up Reviews

I am so very, very behind so here's some quick, catch up reviews

Artichoke's Heart by Suzanne Supplee
Why'd I read it? Saw good reviews of it on other blogs.
Did I like it? Yes. I *almost* put it down after the first chapter but I didn't and I'm really happy about that. And I liked her friendship with Kay-Kay. Could have lived without the cancer.
Would you recommend it? Yes.

Looks by Madelaine George
Why'd I read it? Great cover and some good recommendations.
Did I like it? Not so much. It was very well written but I wasn't crazy about either of the main characters. I did like that both sides of eating/weight issue were represented.
Would I recommend it? Maybe... Most other bloggers like it a lot more than I did. Potentially triggery for people eating issues.

T'is the Season by Lorna Landvik
Why'd I read it? Recommendation from another book blogger. It's an epistolary novel and I love those. Had the added bonus of being festive.
Did I like it? Yes. It was light, fluffy and fun. Read it in less than two hours on a drive from Toronto to Ottawa.
Would I recommend it? Yes, to someone who is looking for something light and fun.

Half-Assed by Jeanette Fulda
Why'd I read it? Because I read her blog.
Did I like it? It was a good memoir. She has the ability to write a good funny phrase. Also read this one in the car between Ottawa and Toronto and read a lot of one-liners out loud to the boy who (usually) chuckled.
Would I recommend it? Yep.

Free-Range Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-MacPhee
Why'd I read it? Because I read her blog and I've read most of her other books.
Did I like it? Yep. Although she's to blame for me starting a sock about 10 days before Christmas and me thinking I could have the pair done for Christmas morning. I finished the first sock on Christmas Eve. The boy walked around with his one sock on for 3 hours. I have no yet started the second one.
Would I recommend it? Yes, for knitterly types.

Up For Renewal by Cathy Alter
Why'd I read it? I saw it mentioned (but not reviewed) on a blog and I'm a sucker for "I did this for a year" memoirs.
Did I like it? Mostly.
Would I recommend it? Maybe. It would depend on the person.

Now I'm mostly caught up, except for Let it Snow which I want to write about separately because I really, really liked it.

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday. I'm off work until the fifth so I hope to catch up on reading, blogging and other fun stuff like entering my entire home library into LibraryThing. I started and then purged a bunch of books so I have to start over again. I need to get this done before January first....Wish me luck?