Twilight: The Movie

So yeah, I caved. You all knew that would happen. I went to see it. AND the boy went with me.

First up, the boy enjoyed himself since I know you are wondering. He hadn't read the books and never will. While he spent a good time chuckling at the tween theatre responses (we went to 12:45 showing so it was too early for actual teens) he got some chuckles out of the movie. He was a bit surprised by the breaks from traditional vampire myth but I told him that came from the book.

It was actually pretty entertaining and not as campy as we expected. And well, as bad as the dialogue sometimes was it was far better than any dialogue George Lucas wrote for the Star Wars movies. Ok, except maybe the "Say it! Say it!" dialogue which was simply no worse than anything Lucas wrote.

The new subplot didn't bother me at all and mostly made sense. As did most of the tweaks that they did with the existing storyline and dialogue. Some of the casting though....well...

Let's start with Jasper. Now, I'm sure Jackson Rathbone has talent and it is really not his fault. The makeup and hair colour on that poor boy! He looked like a blond and stunned Edward Scissorhands. There would be nothing wrong with that except it's not Jasper. Not only did he get shafted in the makeup department you don't find out about his special skill.

I expected Emmett to be beefier...more Vin Diesel-ish but you know, not bald.

Carlisle was much younger than I was expecting. And kind of reminded me a bit too much of Tom Cruise. Ditto Esme with the age thing. She looked to be the same age as her "children".

Loved Charlie. You just wanted to give him a hug. And the shotgun scene? Priceless. Charlie was awesome.

Jacob seemed young, young, young. So very, very young. And did I say young?

Sparkly Edward was um...glittery. I can't decide if he looked more like a discoball or if they dipped him in glue and then rolled him around in glitter.

I want the Cullen's house.

It sets itself up really well for a sequel but I have hunch that if there are movie sequels they are going to make it into a trilogy rather than four movies. I think New Moon and Eclipse will be smushed together.

That's all I have to say. Everyone has said everything else.

Ps. I'm horrified to admit it but I think I actually like the songs that Robert Pattinson contributed to the soundtrack.