The Umbrella Academy

I'm not sure how The Umbrella Academy made it on to my TBR list. I know it's not because the writer is Gerald Way of My Chemical Romance because I only realized that after I checked it out.

To be honest, it didn't do a lot for me. I thought the idea of the story, seven children who had been spontaenously born adopted by a man so that they could save the world, was very interesting.

However, I found the story had to follow. It's was clear that there was a history of a certain event but we don't see it so we have to piece it together through one-off comments from the characters.

It also felt rushed to me, like it could have used another volume before the big climax.

But maybe that's normal for a graphic novel? I don't know. I mean I've read some but they don't tend to be "typical" graphic novels if you know what I mean. But in the ones I've read I've never felt like I was missing information like I was in this one.

I will say that I loved the art that is on the cover. It reminds me of someone I met once who had a tattoo on her back that was similiar to that.

So either it just wasn't my cup of tea or the story was spotty or it's somewhere in between those two options.