X in Flight

So I finally managed to find an "x" book that I could tie into the A-Z challenge and as a bonus it was YA! Yep, Karen Rivers' X in Flight fit my my criteria. YA, "x", the first book in the XYZ series and Canadian to boot! But unfortunately I didn't enjoy it.

When I read the descriptions it was about Xenos but more commonly called X among his friends.  He's got a girlfriend named Cat, has a crush on a girl named Ruby and a big chip on his shoulder. Then one day X discovers he can fly.

It wasn't a bad novel. Let me say that again, it wasn't a bad novel. I, however, just did not enjoy it. There were several reasons which I shall now list because I'm feeling listy.

  • It was written in a stream of consciousness manner. I'm not against this type of writing but sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn't. This is just one of those cases where it didn't, possibly because...

  • I didn't really like X. Again, a personal thing.

  • When I read the descriptions (which are out of author control) I had the impression that the book was about X. I was more than a little surprised when the second chapter was written from someone other than X. In fact the book alternated between three points of view - X, Cat (X's girlfriend) and Ruby (the girl X is crushing on). X's chapters were written to Ruby, Ruby's chapters were written to herself, and Cat's chapters were written to...I'm not entirely sure.

  • X doesn't fly until more than 100 pages into a 250 page book.

  • In addition to not like X I didn't like Ruby. Not liking two out of three of the characters is usually not a good thing.

  • I also didn't like the way the dialogue was written. You know how sometimes the way things are written just irk you? It irked me.

  • I had a hard time trying to figure out where the book was located. It wasn't a small town and it wasn't a city. But it was near cow fields. And golf was a thing there.

As you can see all the reasons why I didn't like it mostly have to do with personal taste. It just simply didn't work for me.

There were things I did like. I liked Cat. I didn't think I would like her in the beginning but I found her to be the most likable of the characters and possibly the most authentic. I was actually wishing for one last Cat chapter.

And I do think that this book would appeal to both guys and girls, which is always good.

It wasn't a good book for me but it wasn't a bad book. And I'm really thankful that I found it because otherwise I would have been reading Asimov's X Stands For Unknown and Denise did not make that sound like an exciting prospect.

Note to authors - write more books that start with an X. Please.