Divas Don't Knit

I have been a lazy, lazy blogger because I finished this book two weeks ago and I just didn't bother to blog about it. Oops.

We went out for lunch one day and it turned into several hours of furniture browsing. And then it was time for the boy to go to church and he didn't have time to take me home first so into a bookstore I went to buy a book to read in a coffeeshop. I hit the bargain shelves where I found a hardcover version of Divas Don't Knit by Gil McNeil.

Jo suddenly finds herself widowed with two children. She's packing up house and moving to a small seaside town to take over her grandmother's knitting shop. She's giving both it and her life a makeover.

There's some great secondary characters - the Italian wife of an up-and-coming chef who runs a pub in the village, the best friend who is a television anchor, the new-to-the-neighbourhood starlet and her assistant, Trevor the dog, and over-the-top mother, amusing brother. Yep, good secondary characters.

But overall something was lacking. It wasn't bad, just a bit...flat. I've had a hard time putting my finger on it but I think that it was Jo that was a bit flat. She was likable (really she was) but...I just felt like something was missing. I think perhaps it might be because the secondary characters were so strong that she seemed weak in comparison even though she really wasn't weak.

And for a "knitting" novel it wasn't exceptionally knitty.

Edit and note: Also published as The Beech Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club.