Holiday reading

Yeah, yeah, it's still early. I'm going to blame Carl's post on Holidays on Ice, Lesley's post on 'Tis the Season, and Denise's post on Christmas stockings. How can you read those posts all within thirty minutes and not be thinking about holiday reading?

I've been stockpiling Christmas reading for awhile now. I have the updated version of David Sedaris' Holidays on Ice (I won it on Twitter, yay for Twitter). I have Let it Snow, the combined effort of John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson. I picked up The Worst Noel: Hellish Holiday Tales, a compilation by Marian Keyes, Mike Albo and Stanley Bing, on clearance. And because of Lesley's post and the fact that I love epistoleries I reserved 'Tis the Season by Lorna Landvik at the library (I may even get it before Christmas). I'll probably also do a reread of Mildred Lawrence's Peachtree Island, which isn't really a holiday book but it does have some lovely holiday scenes in it. (Plus I bought it on ebay awhile ago and haven't read it since I readded it to my collection.)

So while I probably have my holiday reading quite in hand you know I have to ask... What holiday reading are you looking forward to?