Miscellaneous thoughts

And some linky-links.

The Giller Prize was announced last night and it's Joseph Boyden for the win! WOOHOO! Just when I was starting to think that all the lit prizes in Canada have their heads stuck up their butt they go and do something right. Now I really need to finish reading Through Black Spruce. It got set aside in the face of library due dates (which are building again...).

By now you all know how I feel about headless women on book covers. It's a running joke around here and just about anywhere I play on the internet. It seems that in tough economic times men get heads but sometimes not their own.

Some authors need to grow a pair.

Hmm it's a busy week and I'm tired which seems to make me snarkier than normal...go figure. ;)

Philadelphia is cutting libraries and library jobs - 220 library jobs. I'll let Smart Bitch Sarah's profanities speak for my own. I'll also offer up a reminder that during the holiday season it would be really nice if people remembered to give a small token to librarians. Think of how much money their services save you. You can afford to give them a gift card to a coffee place or local pizza delivery place or chocolates or something.

Nothing snarky about the one of the latest books Danielle posted about - The Perfect Summer. I have to read it now. Danielle has a way of doing that to me with her non-fiction picks.

I think I've decided not to participate in any more reading challenges. Maybe. Mostly. We'll see. Why? Because I SUCK AT THEM.

Calling all foodies - the Toronto Public Library has a real and virtual exhibit called "Local Flavour: Eating in Toronto, 1830-1955." Hat tip to Melanie, who posted about it first.

Alanna is talking about Thanksgiving sides at BlogHer. I cannot have such a dinner without mashed potatoes. And stuffing. Mmm stuffing. But what I'm interested in at this exact moment is sides that you hate. Loathe even. For me it's turnips, which we had ALL THE DARN TIME when I was growing up. Most of the time I could avoid it except when my stepfather was annoying and mashed the carrots and the turnips together and made me eat them. Ick, ick, ICK. My friend's mother, however, makes a yummy Turnip Puff that is yummy because it tastes nothing at all like turnip thanks to the wonderful mix of brown sugar, bread crumbs, butter and nutmeg. (It also has baking power hence the "puff".)

So tell me - what veggie side do you hate?