Random Knittyness

We were walking along Wellington Street (um is there only one in Ottawa Street because names change and are reused so much I feel I should ask?) a few weeks ago when we noticed something slightly unusual. Knitting. Lots and lots of knitting.

Cameraless though I was I did have my trusty cellphone and it's very unspectacular camera so I faithfully took photos of every bit of knittyness that I found - from the fire hydrant cozy to pole scarves. Alas for some unknown reason only one picture saved. DOH! But I give you random knittyness, even if it is in a much smaller dose than originally intented.

Now if you only saw one such example you'd probably be inclined to think that someone merely dropped their scarf and some nice person picked it up off the ground and tied it on the pole. However when you see a scarf on every pole for several blocks and see a fire hydrant cozy it can only mean one thing.

The street is being taken over by knitters.

And it is! I'm sure it's no coincidence that Wabi-Sabi had recently opened. I haven't made it in yet but I have driven past and it looks totally drool-worthy from the outside. Knitters taking over the community - I love it!