It's cold here.

No really, it is. Our heat has not been turned on yet, and no we haven't complained about it because it's only the beginning of October and if we controlled and paid for the heat we probably wouldn't have turned it on yet either. But the last two evenings we have broken down and turned on the fireplace (it's gas, or electric, or something).

Because Kit-Cat is coming to visit and we don't want her to die from death due to Piper fur we've removed the futon from the office (aka the guest room). It's been moved into the living room, the armchair moved to a new place and with the fire on it's really cozy. So cozy we're almost thinking about keeping it that way.

I've been hiding out in the sunroom today, trying to get some writing done. They are less distractions out here. Ok, except for those 10 minutes when the cat was stalking a housefly. It's also cold out here. I'm wearing a hoodie, jeans, and slippers and I have a blanket over my legs. It's still cold but every now and then the sun filters its way through the clouds and sends warm waves of heat in my direction.

The backyard is covered in leaves that I'm thankful I don't have to rake (ah the joys of renting). They crunch under our feet when we walk to the truck.

I find myself wanting warm and hearty soups, hot cider and tea. Pumpkin pie and roasted squash.

Fall is here.