Earthly Pleasures

I started seeing reviews for Karen Neches' Earthly Pleasures over the summer and saw that it was on order for my library so I figured what the heck. The result? Fun.

Skye is a newly born soul in heaven and she works in heaven's hospitality center. She's basically a Welcome Lady in heaven. And you might as well throw your notion of heaven out the window. She has a boyfriend, a best friend who doesn't conform to dresscodes and a fiesty new client - a 13 year old girl who is having a bit of trouble adapting to life after life.

On Earth we have a lonely millionaire, an elderly lady in a senior's residence, someone who may not appear to be who they are and a comatose woman.

Somehow they are all connected.

It was a fun, fun read. I had it in my bag and started reading it on the way home from the Farmer's Market on Sunday. I gulped it down in a few hours and finished with a smile on my face. A fun, frothy read and I have to say that I rather like Neches' view of heaven.