Do you get blog blocked?

Do you ever do that thing where you think you really ought to blog about something and you're not going to blog about anything until you blog about that something but then you don't know what you want to say about it so you don't blog at all and then you're blog just gets quieter and quieter to to point where you start to think why bother?

Yeah. Me too. (Also holy run-on sentence Batman.)

So that's what happened. I really meant to blog about something but then I didn't and then I didn't know what to blog about so here we are.

Also, I went way into overthinking mode about the "purpose" of this blog and what I wanted it to be or what it "should" be. Yes, I went to that place that utterly and completely makes you superconscious which totally kills any desire to write.

Screw that.

My tag line says word vomit and word vomit it shall continue to be. Because sometimes I need a place just to throw words out there to the masses with no purpose or plan behind them. Or at least not often. It will be a personal/knitting/foodish/anything but books (well...mostly)/whatever I want it to be that day blog.

Yes, I overthink things. And yes, I need a thack upside the head for it.