The GGs

I commented earlier today, after reading the fiction shortlist, that the 2008 Governor General Literary Awards were rather uninspiring. The Gillers and the GGs tend to like the same types of books and remind me why Canada has a reputation for seriously depressing sounding literature. Let's just say that none are jumping to the top of my reading list any time soon (most likely ever). I'm sure that some of them are lovely crafted novels but well, none of the titles or descriptions are really lighting my reading fire at the moment. Y'all are welcome to try to change my mind with reviews that knock my socks off.

This evening I sat down and looked at the full list. I like looking at the non-fiction choices (although I'm still pretty loyal to the Charles Taylor prize). I'm sure that someday I'll pick up Christie Blatchford's Fifteen Days (probably some time after it makes the Charles Taylor short list next year).

But what interested me the most from the entire GG shortlist was one of the books in the "Children's Text" category. Yeah, yeah, I know I read a lot of YA/juvenile fiction but whatever. Read this description of Mariko Tamaki's Skim, which I am totally lifting off of the GG site.
Skim is an audacious and original graphic novel set in a girls’ private school. Skim, a slightly lumpy Kimberly Cameron, stumbles around the edges of cliques, depression, sexuality, suicide, crushes and an achingly ambiguous love. The story is heart-breakingly fresh and, in the end, a small celebration of life.

You can look inside the cover on it's page.

I think I need to get my hands on a copy. Luckily for me the Ottawa Public Library has several.

Anyone excited about the GGs? I remember when I read all the fiction entries one year. It was a good year, even if Boyden was robbed. I just haven't seen a list that has gotten me excited about the GGs since then.