Catalogue down! Catalogue down!

I haven't been able to use the library catalogue for HOURS now. This bothers me. A lot.

And now that I've started typing this post the catalogue is working. Figures. hmph!

What was so important that I had to keep trying to search the catalogue for it? Cookbooks. You see I've had cookbooks on the mind all day, ever since I read this Reuter's article on recent surges in book purchases. It seems that when people thing the economy is going down the pooper they want books about business, thrillers and cookbooks.

I rarely buy cookbooks these days. As far as I'm concerned the best thing that every happened to my kitchen is the internet, closely followed by wifi and the laptop. And Food Blog Search.

I used to have a cookbook problem. Once upon a time I never met a cookbook on a bargain table that I didn't like. However I found that I was lucky if I even used a quarter of them. I purged a bunch but I've since collected just as many, with thanks to a friend who was clearing out her collection (I scored some great cookbooks that day).

But now when I really want a cookbook I don't buy it. I get it from the library and give it a bit of a test run. Since I've started that I have bought cookbooks but they are few and far between. The only two that I've seriously gone out of my way to purchase are Small-Batch Baking and 175 Slow Cooker Classics. The only other cookbook that I remember buying in the last year is one put out by local firefighters. (I love community cookbooks. I'm pretty fond of firemen. I couldn't say no to that combo.) I can't even begin to count the number of bad cookbooks the library has saved me from. (Ok, they weren't all bad, some of them were just bad for me. But then others were BAD.)

So yes, libraries. And cookbooks. That's why I needed to access the library catalogue.