101 things update

Still slowly picking away at my 101 things. In September I did the following:

1. Read another  "missed" classic - only 7 more to go!

40. Organize my email x3 1 - I'm working on a way to response to items faster. I'm a bad, bad emailer these days.

91. Learn how to sew - I haven't learned how to sew but I have found someone who can teach me how to sew. Wave hello to Halyma whom I met an an Ottawa Social Media Breakfast. (Uh, yeah, she's one of the many people I keep meaning to email...)

97. Go back through old blog entries and fix the formatting x4 2 - this is a work in progress and I think 2 or 3 more sessions should have it done. I hope.

What am I working on this month?

1. Read a "missed" classic. x10 7 (Jane Eyre, Mansfield Park, The Woman in White) -  hope to get two more done this month (that tie into both the RIP III Challenge and the A-Z challenge)

2. Complete the a-z reading challenge - 26 books (update June 3/07 - 10 of 26 read, update Jan 1/08 - 11 reads) - I hope to get two or three more of these knocked off

16. Go to BlogHer - slightly cheating on this one but I am attending BlogHer Boston on October 11. I'm counting it.

33. Purge old magazines x2 (1) - I have to get rid of some. They are cluttering the place up.

41. Backup my laptop once per month x6 - I really need to do a backup

42. Purge and shred old files x3 1 - See above re clutter

43. Update my portfolio - I need to pick out some blog posts to add to my writing portfolio - any from here or BlogHer that you particularly liked?

81. Take a candelit bubble bath x10 8 - because it's cold here and baths are warm

84. Go to a trivia night at a pub - I'm on the prowl, anyone know a good one in Ottawa?

85. Knit myself something - I'm almost finished a pair of socks. They don't fit but that's beside the point.

86. Send someone a homemade gift - anyone have size 6 feet? I can send you a nice pair of orange handknit socks. I'm a size 6.5 and they are a wee bit too small for me.

95. Create a blog book - I'd like to start one at least. Similar to my porfolio but of posts that I like, not just ones I've written.

96. Update the blogroll on my book blog x3 (1) - Since I moved my book blog Cat is the only one on the blogroll. Ha!

98. Fix the labels on this blog - easiest to do when fixing formatting

99. Try a new recipe and blog about it x10 (9) - I've got a backlog of these to blog about

100. Post on my food blog on this blog about foodie stuff once a week for a month x6 - I have lots to say about food that I never say

101. Blog every day (on a single blog) for a month x3 - I thought I was going to do this last month. Got to the end of Sept and missed a day. DOH!