Melissa Walker's Violet Books

Kit-Cat has been telling me that I need to read Melissa Walker's Violet books for months. But I couldn't find them. Or I was trying *not* to buy books. And then my library didn't have them and when they purchase them I got a "no" (although sometimes they say no when they plan on ordering them anyway but since they are still not in the catalogue I'm going to guess not).Too bad, they should.

I read all three of the books in one day (in the hotel room in Boston, then driving back from Boston, then at home that night) so they are all kind of running together in my mind but I'll try to keep them separate.

In Violet on the Runway we see Violet make her big break. She's just a normal, albeit tall, teenager. She's awkward in her own skin, insecure, secretly wants to be a Queen Bee, and has the requisite crappy high school job, in this case working in a movie theatre. She's discovered by a modelling agent while working at the movie theatre and well, things change. She lands runway shows and magazine shoots. She finishes school early and moves to NYC full-time to live in a model apartment. She has friends that aren't really friends. She parties. She gets in over her head. And she starts to wonder if she really wants to do after all...

In Violet by Design she's turned away from modelling for awhile only to be lured back by the idea of international travel. Let's be honest, we probably would be too. She has a fling with a designer that leaves her heartbroken and she runs away to Spain. She's lured back to modelling once again by the temptation of runway work in Paris. But during all the running away she gained a few pounds and now she's not a model size anymore. Meanwhile her anti-skinny blog posts have been making news. Will she starve herself to lose the weight and score a modelling contract? Or will she stick to her guns?

In Violet in Private she's turned her back on modelling. For real this time. She's going to college full time at Vassar. But oops, she somehow agreed to intern at a teen fashion magazine. And her best friend's girlfriend is going to be her boss. That would be great but, well, Violet's best friend is a guy and she's a bit confused about how she really feels about him and how she thinks he feels about her. Meanwhile she's still fighting the lure of modelling and still continuing to get attention for her "healthy body" stance.

Violet is really likable. Sure, there were times when I wanted to shake her, particularly when it had anything to do with a guy. Violet had a tendency to be a bit stupid about guys (as many of us do) but she always proved to be strong in the end.  Her insecurity was honest. I liked her.

I'd love to know what career path Violet ended up taking after university. Spokesperson? Activist? Writer? Or maybe some combination of those.