It's election day in Canada

If you're Canadian, go vote. No excuses.

And then don't blog/twitter/comment on any results until after the polls close because THAT'S THE LAW. (Ridiculous as it is, it is the law and the Supreme Court upheld it in 2007 so just deal and wait until the polls close m'kay?).

And then tell me if you watch election results. I do. Last time I watched them from a bar and I was invited to tonight. But I'm opting for staying in and following results in my jammies. We'll stay up until the election is called for one party, which may be a good long time since we're expecting another minority.

All this is a preamble to say I totally meant to blog about Melissa C Walker's Violet books today and I didn't. But yesterday I did blog about Safe Passage at BlogHer. The short of it is this - thumbs up. Read it when it comes out in November.