Great piece about the Boyden's

I've read Joseph Boyden's first book Three Day Road. It was was excellent. And then I read Amanda Boyden's first novel Pretty, Little Dirty and it was great but gritty and raw (and potentially very triggery). It wasn't until I picked up Pretty, Little, Dirty from the library that I realized they were married. Yeah, I'm real swift sometimes. (Then again, I have no idea why I added Pretty, Little, Dirty to my request list either.)

They now both have second books out - Through Black Spruce for Joseph Boyden (I recently bought but haven't read much of it yet but what I've read is good) and Babylon Rolling for Amanda Boyden (it's on my library request list).

The CBC has posted an piece about the two writers and it talks a lot about how and why they deal with race in their novels. Check it out. And if you haven't read Three Day Road yet what the heck are you waiting for?