Yeah so...

I broke a knitting needle. I discovered this on the weekend when I went to knit the sock while listening to an audio book. Makes it rather hard to knit things.

And it is normal to kinda warp wooden needles? My dp sock needles are not exactly what one would call perfectly straight anymore... Why yes, I do happen to have tension issues. Bugger off.

Now that everyone is back to work it's chaos. Are the first few weeks of the year a non-chaotic time for anyone at work?  I've never not experienced this so I don't know if it's normal or just my luck.
I really wish that I'd stop feeling exhausted when 9pm rolls around. I'm so ready for bed right now it's not funny.

Ten days and five hours from now I'll be in Paris and all of the above won't be applicable (except maybe the tired thing since I'll be operating on almost no sleep the first day).