The New Headless Woman

You've heard me bitch about headless women before. Usually women are just cut off at the head. But check the cover of Seeing Me Naked (haven't read it, saw it on another blog).

I'm assuming that there is some sort of theory or a study was done that said seeing a woman's face on the cover twists our impression of what the main character looks like. I don't care.
I'm really damned sick of women being hips and boobs on covers.

Publishers - you know that I love that you publish all kinds of yummy books for me to read. Hey, some of you even send me free books on occasion and I do love that too. But enough with the headless women. But I'm about > < this far away from a launching a full fledged rant and getting in YOUR faces. And launching a campaign to encourage readers to stop buying books with headless women on the cover.

I'm a woman. I have a face. The women in these books? Sure they are characters but we're supposed to identify with them and I'm fucking tired of being told women have no faces.