Children of War - first book of 2008

It feels like I've been reading Susan Goodman's Children of War forever. It has been a rather long time, since sometime before Christmas. I was reading it only at night before I shut off the light so it was slow going.

Children of War looks at WWII from the memories of those where were children in Britain at the time (and a few British who were on the French coast). It was interesting as little is usually documented from that group, save a few teenage memoirs.

In some ways it reminded me of Debs at War. Lots of personal anecdotes and memories were used to push through fact. But unlike Debs at War, Children at War never gave last names for any of the individuals and little was told about them aside from their name and that specific instance. It was still interesting but in some ways it resulted in less of a personal reaction to the stories than might otherwise have been the case due to a sort of lack of continuity.

The book was interesting though. Lots of information about the Blitz and evacuation of children from major centers. I really did enjoy.

Something that may be a flag for other readers is that the book does not contain an index, somewhat unusual for a non-fiction book.