Greetings from Roma!!!!

Have been internetless for the last few days. Bought some time at an internet cafe to do a few things like check email and get someone's mailing address. Italian keyboards are better than French ones.

The sites in Rome have been fantastic. Lovvveed the Forum and Palantine Hill. Many pictures to upload when I get home (on laptop but wife has been impossible to find).  May have accidentally taken a few pictures inside the Sistine Chapel...oops!

Food in Rome not as good as Paris.

Getting shin splints from all the walking.

Have to get up at 3:30 tomorrow to catch the bus to the airport to catch the plane to Venice. 

Have seen more churches than you can shake a stick at. Am feeling very pious...for a heathen.

Happy belated birthday Kit-Cat! I bought you a prezzie in Rome! No, not at the Vatican. 

Dislike the shower in our hotel room. Actually kinda dislike hotel bathroom in general. Was spoiled by Paris hotel.

Face is getting sunburnt. Rome has been sunny but cold.