That was not a kiss

I'm having a bad work day and need to take a mental break to make dinner and stuff so I can work way too late tonight. So let's distract myself by talking about Persuasion. Who watched it on PBS Sunday night? Who wishes they hadn't?

*Sassymonkey raises her hand*

So...yeah...that kiss. Was it the worst kiss ever? Cause I think it's wayyyyy up there on the looks like she's about to swallow a rotten fish and trying not to vomit scale. I really don't care about the fact that there was a kiss. I mean, of course that wouldn't happened in Austen's day ( could have but would have been utterly scandalous) but it's a romance, it's a kiss. I don't mind. But that kiss??? I could have lived a long time without seeing it.

You just know that some day you are going to kiss someone or think about kissing someone and that horrid kiss will enter your mind and you will run shrieking from the room.

Don't get me started on Anne's Bath 10K run. I will say though, that they should make that an annual event in Bath. Everyone strap on a corset and some period clothing and run around town. First person to find a man wins!