And the trend of headless women continues. But that's not what really annoyed me about this book. I'll get to that in a minute.

I wasn't supposed to by any books yesterday but I was in the store to buy a small moleskin notebook and Snitch caught my attention. Oops. I did try to also pick up Street Pharm, Allison van Diepen's first book but alas it was not to be found.

Snitch is the story of Julia DiVino, a girl going to high school in Brooklyn doing her best to stay out gangs and out of their way. No small task in her neighbourhood and school to be honest. And she's doing a really good job until a boy shows up on the scene. And boys, bad boys especially, well they can mess with a girl's head can't they? And make them question something they've always stood out against, like gangs.

Although it is about 300 pages long it's a really quick read. Really quick. It took me a fraction of the time that I would have expected a book of that length to take. The language is pretty simple which is what makes flying through it so easy.

The novel was gritty enough for a bit a realism but not gritty enough to be really believable. Everything worked out a little too neatly for me to really believe it. But then what do I know? I certainly can't claim any type of gang expertise and van Diepen did teach in a school apparently much like the high school in the book.

I'm happy to be discovering a new-to-me Canadian YA author. I'm seeing more of them crop up, or maybe I've just started paying attention. And I will still keep my eyes out for her first book.

My big beef with the book is in the author's note when van Diepen is said to live in "Ottowa, Canada".  AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGG. A typo in the name of the city. Which happens to be Canada's Capital. Poor form people. POOR FORM.